Figuring Out the Blogging Thing

Ok, let’s be real. I’ve never actually blogged a day in my life. I have often been told that people like my writing style, but have never actually done anything with that information. I am not one to journal, write fanfic, draw out long unnecessary emails, or anything of that like. Yet here I am! Why? Because the internet told me to? Because blogging is a necessary evil that I must shroud myself in to find some degree of success? No. Simple as that. No.

I’m actually here because I want to feel like I have a personality again. I have found myself in a mundane rut of existence for far too long. Tanner (my husband) suggested I find a hobby…not gaming, not reading, not binge watching ’90s scifi…an honest to goodness hobby. He prodded me in the direction of a clothing boutique for curvy women such as myself, owing to the fact that I have an unnatural drive to buy ALL THE CLOTHES, ALL THE TIME. I dove in head first to that idea and LOVED it! Then I realized that writing about it makes me happy too. I started just by working on my advertising, branding, and store website. Every paragraph I wrote that actually sounded like me made me more and more excited.

Then BAM. Blog. It happened. I needed a place to write about the things I love, in MY voice, my style. It was rough. I haven’t worked on web design for years…many, many years. So it was a learning curve to figure out the new fangled features and layouts. I still haven’t mastered it, but I have a decent start. We’ll see how it goes from here. Thank you for coming along for this exciting (?) ride!

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  1. Thanks for choosing to follow my blog! I really appreciate your support and look forward to reading more of your posts!

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