Large Arms: Not For The Faint of Heart

Everyone I know…and I mean everyone…has a part of them that they wish was different. Could be their teeth, their nose, their waist size, even their attitude, but EVERYONE has SOMETHING. For me, it’s my arms. Lord help me: MY ARMS. If I could cut and paste my forearms onto some new upper arms, I could accept the rest of me as is for the rest of time. Now, please don’t confuse this with a deep desire to change myself or who I am. No, I don’t think I will ever have them “surgically corrected” or anything. They are just a flaw I’m learning to accept. But alas, MY ARMS.

It’s not even that I care that they look a little strange; that they bubble up and flow over my elbows like I have been pieced together with spare parts. It’s not that my the skin of my arms is always breaking out, rashy, and bumpy. Nope, my biggest complaint is that they RUIN EVERYTHING. Ok, that’s an exaggeration. They ruin all the cute shirts for me which to a clothes whore such as myself is a problem. This is MUCH less of a problem in the summer time, for obvious reasons: SET THOSE BABIES FREE! Tank tops are a life saver. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sleeveless shirts. However, the other 3 seasons tend to be a bit more of a sticking point.

Cute sweaters are amazing. Who doesn’t like a cute sweater? (if it’s you, I’m sorry, you should really try them.) There is just one small thing about them that always gets me. That’s right…the arms. They look cute and the body fits like a glove, but that arm hole strangulates my chub and IF I can get these suckers into the sweater, I usually regret it a couple hours later as the circulation to my arms comes to a screeching halt.

So I must work around this. My number one fall back is cardigans. I have a handful of cardigans that I have found that fit these puppies. Usually they are a rayon mix, heavy on the rayon or spandex. I have also found some flutter sleeve tops that work well in all seasons. The one thing I can’t wrap my head around is Ponchos. They look cute on smaller girls and on us larger chicks they CAN look really cute if belted or tied. However the hanging material flaps draped over my shoulders is too reminiscent of a mumu. Don’t like them….nope.

My absolute favorite, and by far least “stylish” is the HOODIE. Not the zip up ones, my boobs make those bump out all funky and my tummy rolls don’t help with that either. But pull over hoodies? Is there a better article clothing? In my opinion, there is not. So cozy, they look great with leggings, jeans, casual skirts, or just loafing around the house in pajama bottoms. THE BEST I tell you!

Large arms make shopping online for shirts a bit tough. I have found that in some tops I need a 3x to get my arms to fit properly, while I am swimming in the body. I have a solid XL mid section. I have rarely run into an XL shirt that didn’t fit my mid section. But these belugas dangling from shoulders usually don’t play nice.

That’s where Confidence Clothing came into existence. If you notice in all of my shirt listings I have a part called “Large Arm Friendly.” This is where I explain the arm fit. Yes, it fits. Ish, it fits snug, but is passable. No, clearly not a good idea. NO!, don’t try it, you may require scissors to escape from it. I have a similar listing part for large thighs, because I’ve heard that those can be equally annoying in the fit department.

If you get the chance, check out the boutique. If you have a specific fit that makes shopping online difficult for you, feel free to let me know! I can add it to the list of things I’m analyzing when I post a piece. Shopping for our strange bodies shouldn’t be hard. So let’s take the hard out of it!

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