5 Ways to Start the New Year Fresh

I don’t know about you, but I am downright terrible at keeping up with mundane little tasks around the house. All those little things that really only take a short time to complete, but I never actually do them? Well, they start to pile up after a while. I’m also not good at “Spring Cleaning” either. I want to be enjoying the new found warmth and greenery of spring, not inside cleaning!! So, during the few days I get off of work for the winter holidays, I get some of those pesky “to-do’s” to done.

Clean Out That Pantry, Please

You heard me! Open up that door and stare for a few minutes at all the wonderful things you have purchased and never eaten. I hate that feeling, when I’m munchy and I go to the pantry and all I find is INGREDIENTS! What a let down, right? Then there is the fact that I was raised LDS (or Mormon if you prefer), so I have this deep seated drive to always stash the food. The problem there is that I stash for 12 instead of the 3 that actually live in my house. I take this opportunity to purge the leavings from the year. Food banks are pressed hard in January and February because people have over extended for the holidays and charity seems to run thin.

very full food pantry
Photo by Annie Spratt

Take this time to clean out the pantry and/or deep freezer and donate it. It’s better than letting it all go to waste, collecting dust. Don’t want to take it to a food bank? Try a local church, or maybe you know a family or two that aren’t doing so great. Purge the pantry for them! You will have a nice tidy pantry to enter the new year with and will have done something good with those long gone dollars… that are now canned soup… that you don’t want to eat… like you thought you would…

putting away clothes in an overfilled closet
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto
Probably Ought to
Clean the Closet too

Pick a closet, any closet. If you are anything like me, all the closets could use it, but settle for 1 or 2. You’re not trying to waste your whole stay-cation being productive… are you? Because that is NOT stay-cation, that is torture. Now this isn’t where I tell you to lock yourself into those resolutions by cleaning out those pants that still don’t fit. I don’t roll like that (didn’t we go over this earlier?). No, this is where I say, “If you haven’t worn it in 6-9 months, it’s probably time for it to go.” I am talking coats, pants, shirts, pajamas, underwear, etc.

Let’s face it, we all have a few pair of underwear we keep skipping over because…just no. It’s time to say goodbye. If you haven’t been able to talk yourself into wearing it for 50%-75% of the year, chances are you won’t be able to again. Clean out that space. It will help you feel lighter. Sounds weird, I know, but it’s true. I always feel as light as a feather after a good closet purge. It’s like the bulk of the stuff there is just guilt on a hanger (for whatever reason, maybe you stained it, maybe it has 1 hole you swore you would fix…fat chance of that… you get the point). And my favorite part of the closet purges? It makes more room, for more stuff. For a clothes whore such as myself, that’s a pretty freakin’ great thing! It makes justifying all the new-to-me clothes so much easier.

Clean Behind the
Washer and Dryer

Ok, I’m a terrible house wife. There I said it. I suck at homemaking. Luckily for me, my husband is very domesticated and has so lovingly taken over the on going task of laundry. After about year 3 or 4 together he gave up on my trying and just accepted that it wasn’t meant to be. We are now creeping up on our 10 year together, so that should show just how much love that man harbors for me. Nevertheless, this was a problem I have seen my entire life. Stuff builds up behind those 2 machines like you wouldn’t believe. Add kids and couple of pets (3 cats at our house) to the mix and it get’s even worse. It happens to my mom. It happens to my friends. It happens to everyone. Stuff just falls behind there.

kids playing in the washing machine
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Sometimes you notice and think you’ll get it later, other times you have no idea that the socks that have slowly been disappearing have been slinking their way down in between the 2 cleaning beasts. Pull the washer and dryer out, pick up the randomness that is all over the place behind them and give it a good sweep. If you really want to go for the gusto, mop it too (but again, don’t get too overzealous… it’s tiring). Push the gigantic metal tubs back where they belong and go on your way. It takes a little bit of strength and time, but it feels good knowing that it’s clean. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your lucky penny that you lost last year under there too.

tattooed body confident woman in bra and underwear
Photo by cottonbro
Buy New Underthings

All the underthings to be precise, but at the very least a new bra and a new pack of underwear (or several pair if you buy the “fancy” singles…like me). This is a great way to start off fresh, quite literally. You know (I know you know, every girl I’ve ever talked to does) that underwear doesn’t have the staying capacity for us women that it does for men. Throw out any of the old stuff that you don’t or won’t use (keep the shark week few, but just the best of the worst, ok?) You probably also have a tendency to neglect your bra. It still works, why replace it? It hasn’t tried to murder you yet, why replace it? It doesn’t have holes in it yet, why replace it?

I will tell you why. If you have boobs, they will stretch out your bras. It is a slow process, and probably one you don’t even realize is happening or has happened. Think back to the last time you went bra shopping, even if you loathed it (and if you can’t remember, IT’S DEFINITELY TIME). Finding a new bra that fit? Wasn’t that amazing? It becomes your new favorite bra, at least until it becomes worn out like all your others, then you just rotate the drabness. Trust me, you really deserve a new bra. Starting the year off with a new bra AND new underwear? You’ll probably feel like your’e on cloud 9.

Last, But Not Least – Let It Go

Lord, I apologize if you now have that song stuck in your head, but it is actually a good thing to remember. Whatever it is that’s been eating at you, let it go. There is never a better time than the present to just shake it off. Again, I don’t care what it is or what reasoning you can come up with to NOT let it go. LET IT GO. You are letting it take up valuable time and energy. It is a bad tenant in your brain, evict it. Every excuse in the world can’t negate the fact that it is in fact haunting you. Give it up, let it go, shake it off. It’s not worth it. If you claim it is, then find a way to fix it or don’t.

Stop letting the negative weigh you down. It either can be fixed, or it can’t, but stop waiting on it to resolve itself. Yes, I’m being vague here. That’s because what your problem is, isn’t necessarily my problem, or someone else’s. But it IS a problem. Start the new year fresh; ditch it, whatever it is.

I have said it before, new year’s resolutions aren’t my thing, but it is a good time to refresh some things. I want to know what it is you do when you need a refresh? What is it that you do when you need to lose some of the weight life hands you?

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  1. I need someone to hold my hand in the closet and encourage me to let go of accumulated paper and things…old business cards I collected over the years, cute eyeglass cases I never use, and excess travel bags I don’t use, either. They all seem so precious when I look at them.

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  2. I really enjoyed this! I was just sitting on the couch thinking of what to do today and I’m now completely inspired to give my house a much needed spa day. The pantry refresh is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing, girl!


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