10 Things Every Girl’s Closet Should Include

Everyone has something about their style that they can’t live without, something that makes or breaks every outfit. For some people it’s their shoes. They line their closet racks with every style and color of shoe thinkable. For others, it’s their cardigan collection. Having a few solid cardigan options opens up a world of new possibilities with any other combination. For me, it’s tops. I can always find a new top I like and they seem to collect rather fast in my closet.

Now, with that in mind, there are some staple items that I couldn’t live without. I think everyone should invest in some stellar basics. It makes getting dressed easy because everything goes with everything. It could be a called a “capsule” wardrobe, but mine is more of a freighter ship. However, I always keep at least a few items on hand regardless of where my clothing shopping leads me. So here are 10 things in my closet that I don’t think any girl’s closet should lack.

  • Spaghetti Strap Shirts in Solids: Every girl I know, understands the “science” behind a good solid spaghetti strap shirt. It can function as so many things. It’s an undershirt. It’s a nice layering piece. With the right one, it can pull in that tummy just a little bit better. It can also work great on it’s own. Don’t overlook having a few of these in different colors on hand at all times.

  • Basic Blue Jeans: Blue jeans are wonderful. Not something you necessarily want to wear every day, but a nice pair of non-distressed jeans can serve a multitude of purposes. With the right accessories, they dress up quite nicely, or you can always keep it simple with a tied up tee. Having a pair that aren’t distressed allows you to use them in a variety of settings whether it be casual business, date night, or just doing the “Momming” thing.
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  • A Few Pairs of Black Leggings: With pockets preferably. Leggings are a godsend. I always looked down on the trend thinking I was “too big” and my marshmallow legs would look hilarious. I was wrong; oh, so very wrong. Find a quality pair of leggings and you will never again worry about putting on a skirt, wearing a tunic shirt that shows your muffin top over your jeans, or being able to bend any way you like. Not to mention, they are stupid comfy. I wear them any chance I get! Bonus: Get high waisted leggings for maximum comfort and mobility!

  • At Least 1 Pair of Quality Sneakers: I say quality for a reason. Everyone should have a pair of great sneakers. I don’t care if you’re not one of those “gym types” or hate tie up shoes. The fact is, at some point, everyone is going to need and use a good pair of walking shoes. Going to a theme park? Wear good walking shoes. Going to a festival? Wear GOOD WALKING SHOES. Shopping cute historic downtown? Please, wear GOOD SHOES! Going on a run? Duh, wear good shoes! Trust me on this one, even if you don’t think you want them, you will eventually need a good pair of walking shoes. Better to have them on hand and broken in before the need arises.

  • A Mid Height Heel Boot or Bootie: A good wide heel boot is amazing. You get that empowering clack when you walk, without the constant fear of rolling an ankle. But you don’t want one that is too high because practicality wins over all, when you are looking at staples for your closet. Just a nice black, brown, or gray boot. Boots like this dress up or down well and… that clack. I love that sound.

  • An Oversized, Plush Sweater: By oversized, I don’t mean so big you are swimming it. I mean just big enough that you can pull your knees into your chest under the shirt and not stretch the material too much. It hides all the rolls. It fits on “bloaty” days. It works on cool or cold days, and it’s cozy. And let’s be honest, nothing beats cozy.
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  • One Neutral Color Cardigan: Ok, I have 2-3, but I think everyone should have at least 1. It’s something that can be thrown on with any one of those cute spaghetti strap shirts I talked about earlier. It can be removed if you get too hot, or bundled up if you get too cold. It’s just a good underappreciated almost accessory piece of clothing. I’m not against a good bright color or fun cardigan, but the neutrals keep coordinating your outfit simple. I recommend at least 1.

  • A Pull Over Hoodie: The lord of all sweaters and jackets. It works for everything. Freezing your butt off sitting in your recliner at home because you have circulation issues like myself? Check. Running errands and don’t have what it takes to get dressed? Those black leggings we talked about? Throw them on with a hoodie and out the door. Going to the movie theatre? I don’t know about you, but they are always SO COLD…even the ones with heated seating. Hoodie to the rescue again! Don’t overlook it. You know you want one!
  • A Formal Dress That Fits: “I will NEVER wear it,” you say. I believe that, I don’t wear mine much either. However, when the incredibly rare occasion creeps up that it would be nice to have one (a promotion at work celebration, a company party, a friend’s shotgun wedding, a surprise date), it’s actually nice TO HAVE ONE. I personally have gone through the frantic search and multiple phone calls to any friend I have that is my size, looking for a last minute dress. It really is better to just keep one on hand THAT FITS. Yeah, that’s the other key. Unless you haven’t fluffed up since high school like the rest of us, it’s better to retire that old prom dress and invest in a formal that will, in fact, zip up now. Better to face it beforehand than in an emergency situation.
Photo by Grigore Ricky

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

~Coco Chanel
Photo by Juliana Stein
  • An Article of Clothing You “fan” over: This one is a must. I don’t care if you are a sports fan, racing fan, a nerd, a geek, a bookworm, a cosplayer…I don’t care. Everyone is a fan of something. I strongly encourage the purchase of SOMETHING you fan over. Sports fans usually go for ball caps, jerseys, or jackets. Nerds and geeks I’ve noticed tend to like odd jewelry or novelty T Shirts. Cosplayers tend to like costumes (uh-duh). And there are those that don’t fit any mold, but everyone fans over something. I think you should always own something to “rep” your fandom.

A wardrobe doesn’t have to be complicated to be inclusive. The best part about having the staples, is it makes styling those “totally you” pieces that much easier. Just be true to yourself and keep a decent stash of basics, and getting dressed shouldn’t ever be too difficult. Go ahead, get dressed in the dark! I usually do!

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  1. This is such a great list! Definitely all pieces in my wardrobe I reach for constantly! Will definitely be reading more of your tips! 🙂

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  2. Love the list! I used to snark at leggings too till I tried them a few years back – now I can’t get enough of them. Though it’s such a pain to find one with pockets!!

    Liked by 2 people

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