You, Me, and a Cup of Tea: February

Well hello again! It’s time for another sit down chit chat. My beverage of choice tonight is my own blend of raspberry leaves and spearmint, which isn’t the best, but it’s warm and the raspberry leaves are good for inflammation and balancing hormones (thanks body). If you haven’t grabbed your drink you might check out Loose Leaf Emerald Citrus from Twin Flame Tea Co. It has bright citrus notes paired with a delicate green tea and a touch of peppermint. Anyhow, on to the good stuff. Ready to talk? I am.

Can you believe it is already FEBRUARY? Yeah, me neither. I’ve got to be honest, the last 12 months have flown by, for some obvious reasons, but also for some unknown, hidden agenda of the universe reasons too I suppose. It’s a thing, I hear, that the longer you live, the faster time seems to slip away because it is an ever smaller fraction of your life. Then you add the insanity that has been the world (most specifically the US: we really are a the dirty little brother that no one ever wants to acknowledge but it always causing havoc) and you have yourself the makings of a year that should be a blur.

Why am I talking about 12 months flying by in February when all the new year stuff was last month? Because MY new year is THIS month. That’s right, I’m a birthday girl, all soon to be 32 years of me. yay. I’ve got to say, my 30’s really haven’t been bad thus far. At least it’s been quite a bit better than all the doom gloom “I’m turning 30” memes seem to let on. However, I will give it this. I would not want to be 32 without being where I’m at right now. I have a great day job, a beautiful home, 3 cats, my husband, and my daughter. We own good cars and don’t have to struggle to make ends meet.

I know many millennials aren’t in my shoes. Things aren’t set up to be nearly as easy of a ride as the older generations expected it to be for us (whether they admit it or not). I just happened to have had some amazing blessings, a bit of luck, and a husband who is excellent with a budget to get our little family to where it’s at. So for me, 32 isn’t nearly as bad as it could be.

But 32! I don’t know about you, but I have always felt like I was a certain age, like my soul was 27 years old. I was 18 and I felt like I should be 27. I was 21 and still felt that 27 was my soul’s age. Again at 25, I felt 27. Then at 27, well, I was 27. After that though I have basically stopped aging in my brain. I now forget how old I am until my darling daughter pipes off a pop quiz about my age and I have to do some quick math to figure it out. I know I turned 30, I haven’t forgotten that little tidbit, but I’m not good with specifics. It’s ok to just tell someone you’re in your early 30’s, right? I’m a lady, I don’t have to disclose that information. There is no reason for them to know it’s because I can’t remember, is there? I still feel 27. Regardless, I am turning 32 and nothing will change that little fact.

There is another reason I look forward to February too. My husband got off EASY when he married me (*uncontrollable giggles* well in some ways anyway!). You see, he is lucky enough to have Valentine’s day, my birthday, and our anniversary all in the same week. This is wedding anniversary number 10 for us! Ten whole years together!! Several years ago, we took to calling this week “ValenBirthIversary”.

The dates all fell together completely accidentally. We had only been engaged for a couple of weeks when our friends threw us an amazing surprise engagement party. Tanner got a little tipsy and started blubbering about how he wanted to marry me the next day. He just wanted me to be his wife. We weren’t going to do anything big or fancy anyway, but we had been talking about getting married in July that year when his extended family was already planning to be coming out to Colorado. I asked him several times if he meant it or if he was just being drunk. I had learned early on that he was always aware when he was just being drunk. Apparently this wasn’t that.

So I said yes! Again! We called our family and what few friends we had outside of the party and let them know that they could meet us at the courthouse at 1:00pm the next day if they wanted to be there, otherwise they could join us in July for our belated reception. And that’s what we did. We got semi-formal and went to the courthouse the next day. Tanner bought the marriage certificate and we signed it together holding hands by the waterfall in the local county building. In Colorado, we didn’t need an officiate or any witnesses to validate the certificate. It was that easy.

Grinning ear to ear, we innocently took the certificate back up to the clerk’s office to get filed (why waste time, we were already there anyway!). When the clerk took it from us she smiled so big and said, “That is SO cute! You guys really got married on VALENTINE’S DAY?!?” Yeah, we did that…completely on accident. Neither of us had paid any attention to the calendar and to make things worse, neither of us ever really acknowledged Valentine’s day. I mean, we had gone to a nice dinner the weekend before, but outside of that, neither of us had celebrated it in the past.

That’s how it happened; plain and simple. I will be honest, it’s been a long, sometimes bumpy road. I learned a long time ago that marriage is real work some days. Other days, it’s a cake walk. Both of us have had to put up with each others quirks, some of which we didn’t realize were quirks until we had to face them head on together. It’s been an adventure to say the least! Let’s hope and look forward to many more years together though.

Back to this holiday we created, Valenbirthiversary. He get’s off so easy because if any guy can forget all 3 of those at the same time, he has problems. For him, if he remembers even one, the rest falls into place wonderfully! Every year up until last year, we did something fun together. A couple of years we went to concerts. A few times we did overnight date nights. Sometimes it was just a super fancy dinner date. We always did something. Last year, thanks to Covid we didn’t get to do anything that fun, but we still made the best of it.

Me with my 2021 Toyota Venza. It's a hybrid!

This year, for our big 10 year, we were going to go something fun, like take a trip to St Augustine, FL for a couple of days and enjoy oceanside seafood and quaint little shops. Thanks to the current state of the pandemic, that’s not happening this year either. Instead, we went out and upgraded our cars. Neither of our cars are compromises anymore. Mine is EXACTLY what I want and his is EXACTLY what he wants and neither of us are apologetic about it.

I’ve got to be honest, I was really looking forward to going to Florida, but there is always another time. I plan on being his pain the neck for many more years, so I’m sure another opportunity will arise. My daughter’s kindergarten teacher used to say, “You have to be flexible” and that’s what we are. 😉

My tea is now gone, and I think I have sufficiently yammered your ear off (or eyes out in this case). You now know a little bit more about me and what February brings. How about you? What is something you are looking forward to this month? I don’t care how small or insignificant it may seem, tell me about SOMETHING positive this month. The world needs more little positives. Let’s start them here.

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  1. What a lovely story! I can absolutely relate to feeling perpetually 27! This year was my 27 year and it feels weird to be the age I’ve always felt! Wonder what connection that number has? There definitely has to be something! Thank you for sharing!


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