Kay Brandt Circa 2019

A little bit silly, pretty crazy, but a whole lot of fun. Join me on this weird train to confidence and self awareness! Be Strong. Be Beautiful. Be YOURSELF!

Hi! I’m Kay Brandt

I’m one of kind. A little bit silly, pretty crazy, and just a little bit proud of how far I’ve come. I’m 31 years old, a wife to an amazing man, a momma to an equally crazy and amazing daughter of 9 and least exciting, I’m an insurance agent by day.

My husband gave me the idea to start a boutique for curvy women like myself. To build a place where the fit is explained in terms of body shape. To pass on great finds and great deals to other women that suffer from arms that are one size and a bust that’s another. To help other woman feel confident and happy and most of all, where we all don’t have to go broke doing it!

However, in a pretty funny turn of events, I discovered a passion for blogging that ran much deeper than my passion for clothing (I’m pretty much a clothes whore, defined as someone who can’t wear the same article of clothing too many times before having to replace it, resulting in an over abundance of unused clothing on a regular basis). I have needed an honest to goodness outlet for quite some time. There is so much on my mind and I finally have a place to express it the way it should be. So here I am! I have jumped head on into the blogging world!

I have rolls. I have “fupa”. I have HUGE angry arms. I have wide calves and thick thighs. I am 50 shades of WHITE (and translucent) with horrible body skin. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be comfortable with who I am. Confidence doesn’t come easy. Mental health is a balancing act. Being Plus-size in a size 2 world isn’t always fun and games. Together, I think we can work through it all and be the best versions of ourselves!

My promise to all of my readers is this:
I will always be transparent and real. As far as I’m concerned, we’re talking. You are now my friend, thank you! and nice to meet you. We will cover so many subjects as we develop this relationship. Feel free to get in touch with me with any questions, suggestions, or responses. It’s gonna be fun!

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