3 Signs You Probably Suffer From Martyr Complex

There are days that I wake up and think, “I just can’t do this anymore. I am doing too much. I have too much on my plate. Why doesn’t anyone ever help me?” Since you’re here I’m going to assume you have had similar feelings before. The pure overwhelm of everything has been piling up […]

To Pair or Not To Pair: The Tale of 2 Socks

So, being the hater of laundry that I am and being a recovering slob (more on that another day), long ago I decided that underthings don’t require folding and socks don’t require matching. I have 2 drawers dedicated to this disaster plan of mine and it works better than you would think.

Some Things You CANNOT Change: That’s OK, Too

One of the biggest struggles I have had with my anxiety is that I can’t change some things. I have no control in some situations. That is the basis of my anxiety: the feeling of being powerless. I imagine a lot of your anxiety is also based in that one little statement, to one degree […]

Finding a Groove or Stuck in a Rut

Why this terminology exactly? A groove is an established route or routine. Not necessarily so well traveled that you break an axle in it or can’t take a detour that looks interesting, but enough that you can let yourself go on auto pilot for a bit without fear of straying too far. Then there is a rut. That is a long deep track made by repeated traffic that makes a trail nearly impossible to get off of, or it is a pattern of behavior that is dull, unproductive, and difficult to change.

When Not Getting Dressed Seems Easier

Follow my blog with Bloglovin You’ve been there. You wake up in the morning and… just nah. Yesterday you had plans to be productive today: to finally catch up on the laundry, to load the dishwasher, to take a shower. These should seem like simple tasks, but not today. Today they are mountains. All you […]

10 Things Every Girl’s Closet Should Include

Everyone has something about their style that they can’t live without, something that makes or breaks every outfit. For some people it’s their shoes. They line their closet racks with every style and color of shoe thinkable. For others, it’s their cardigan collection. Having a few solid cardigan options opens up a world of new […]

Hot Mess Mama: That’s OK

I am a mess. A total, complete, disaster of a woman. Luckily, I am also very loved. My husband has the patience of a saint, and my daughter learned that sarcasm is an excellent way to redirect my wandering brain. All that love doesn’t change the fact that I would lose my head if it […]

You, Me, and A Cup of Tea: January

Allow me to introduce you to a new series: You, Me, and a Cup of Tea. The idea behind this series came to me one evening last week. I was venting to my husband about work and life, and generally small little things that just crawled under my skin and that I needed to talk […]

5 Ways to Start the New Year Fresh

I don’t know about you, but I am downright terrible at keeping up with mundane little tasks around the house. All those little things that really only take a short time to complete, but I never actually do them? Well, they start to pile up after a while. I’m also not good at “Spring Cleaning” […]

New Year, New Me: And Other Fairytales

I’m going to be real, nitty, gritty honest here. I think new year resolutions are a farce: a sham if you will. I think it does nothing more than set you up for failure. But why? Why do I think that setting goals and going for them is fake? I don’t. I think setting goals […]

The Beat of My Own Drum

I am a bit of an odd duck. Always have been. I’ve never fit into any one classification or another, with the exception of the nerds…I ALWAYS fit in with them. This lack of classification is something I’m proud of, something I cherish. You see, in high school, I was one of the “smart kids.” […]

Christmas 2020 is Different and I’ve Never Been Happier

Christmas 2020. This year has been different all around. Christmas is going to be no exception. Every year, for the past 10 years, I have played a major role in purchasing and preparing the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Most of the time, my husband and I were the hosts as well. I love cooking for […]

A Voice and A Choice: Normalize Compliments

One of my favorite things to do when I’m out and about is to people watch. I’m not talking about the creepy “stare at someone like you know them and then look away once they notice” people watching. Just the observational, soak up the moment kind of people watching. If you haven’t tried it before, […]

“Google, Define Slow Fashion”

Slow fashion sort of “bucks the system”, but should be, and is becoming more widely accepted. It is an awareness of what your buying and why you’re buying it. It’s when you pay attention to the quality and the longevity of a piece of clothing rather than it’s momentary pleasure or style. When you source […]

Self-Love vs Self-Destruction

I define self-love as accepting yourself for what and who you are, but also trying to always be the best version of yourself. But what is the “best version” of yourself. That’s where things get tricky.

Large Arms: Not For The Faint of Heart

Everyone I know…and I mean everyone…has a part of them that they wish was different. Could be their teeth, their nose, their waist size, even their attitude, but EVERYONE has SOMETHING. For me, it’s my arms. Lord help me: MY ARMS. If I could cut and paste my forearms onto some new upper arms, I […]


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