• How To Prevail Against the Most Intimidating Obstacle: Yourself
    Procrastination. I am guilty. I have the life management skills of a carrot. To make matters worse, the more I […]
  • You, Me, and a Cup of Tea: February
    February brings on another year of life for me, an important anniversary, and a reflection of happiness. What’s something positive for you this month?
  • 3 Signs You Probably Suffer From Martyr Complex
    There are days that I wake up and think, “I just can’t do this anymore. I am doing too much. […]
  • To Pair or Not To Pair: The Tale of 2 Socks
    So, being the hater of laundry that I am and being a recovering slob (more on that another day), long ago I decided that underthings don’t require folding and socks don’t require matching. I have 2 drawers dedicated to this disaster plan of mine and it works better than you would think.
  • Some Things You CANNOT Change: That’s OK, Too
    One of the biggest struggles I have had with my anxiety is that I can’t change some things. I have […]
  • Finding a Groove or Stuck in a Rut
    Why this terminology exactly? A groove is an established route or routine. Not necessarily so well traveled that you break an axle in it or can’t take a detour that looks interesting, but enough that you can let yourself go on auto pilot for a bit without fear of straying too far. Then there is a rut. That is a long deep track made by repeated traffic that makes a trail nearly impossible to get off of, or it is a pattern of behavior that is dull, unproductive, and difficult to change.
  • When Not Getting Dressed Seems Easier
    Follow my blog with Bloglovin You’ve been there. You wake up in the morning and… just nah. Yesterday you had […]
  • 10 Things Every Girl’s Closet Should Include
    Everyone has something about their style that they can’t live without, something that makes or breaks every outfit. For some […]
  • Hot Mess Mama: That’s OK
    I am a mess. A total, complete, disaster of a woman. Luckily, I am also very loved. My husband has […]

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